How Safe Are Cell Phones?

How safe is that cell phone that you put to your head everyday? Are you concerned about you and your family’s health with using your smart phone multiple times a day? The issue of radiation that is being emitted from a cell phone has been debated over and over of how safe it is. The fact is, all test have revealed a level of radiation coming from the phone and going directly into the user’s head and entering the brain. Some say that it’s not enough to be concerned over while others say that the long term use will have dramatic effects on the brain and how well it will function. There is also the risk radiation entering through the legs for those who keep their phone in their pocket. I myself always used to feel excessive heat on my leg while keeping my smart phone there and got to the point where I had to keep it away from me. For ladies, keeping the devices in their purse and keeping it near the shoulder may be at risk for that area of the body. There has been a solution that is very simple and not very costly. For more information on this simple yet revolutionary answer take a look here:

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Super Typhoon Destruction

I really cannot believe my eyes when I see the destruction that the “Super Typhoon” has caused in the Philippines this past week. We are all subject to the wrath of Mother Natures’s fury. I have also been reading and listening to many science reports about physics and how thought energy can have an effect on outcomes of physical objects and actions. Having noted that, what kind of energy might have influence on such a monstrous storm? Maybe it was so huge because there is a lack of calm energy in the world? Could global consciousness have prevented it or at least lessened the impact? And how may we be able to shelter ourselves more effectively for future storms rather than the matchstick wood frame square box buildings we construct? Questions that we all should start asking ourselves to come up with better solutions which can save countless lives. I have some ideas myself, and have started working on plans and models. It is a first step!

Thoughts on Energy

Energy flows through us continually….whether we are aware of it or not. We are a mass of energy that is connected to a power that we cannot see. Most of what that energy or power we can’t comprehend the benefits of which in turn can cause illness. Begin to look deep inside your own self to feel the hidden powers each one possesses to be more in business, in connecting with others and to be larger in awareness. The higher your awareness….the higher and lighter of living you will experience!

High Ticket Commissions?

A lot of people really wonder if it is possible to earn high ticket commissions in this economic arena today. The truth is that if one is dedicated enough to follow through with promoting and believing that it is possible FOR THEM that it can be attained. The easiest way to keep focused on making it as little stressful as possible it to remember to keep it as SIMPLE as possible. It doesn’t have to be over complicated with a host of different this and that. Many “marketers” make mistakes selling high ticket items by complicating the heck out of it! First be knowledgable about the product, present it with integrity to the clientele that is most likely, A)To be interested or is already for searching for it, and B) Are able to actually afford it! It’s not much sense selling a home worth two or three million dollars to someone who won’t be able to pay for it is there.

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