No need to suffer with pain!

Let’s face it, life should be enjoyable. How can it be enjoyable if one is suffering from pain? Are you suffering from any pains, perhaps an old sports injury, an injury from a mishap on the job, or an accident? It can be something that challenges your entire experience of life and enjoyment. Sometimes it can be a pain that can come from the simple result of a bad posture from something that you continue to do day after day, such as maybe sitting for a long period of time in an uncomfortable chair. I used to get a pain nagging me in my back for many years. It had started sometime in my early twenties and I will say that at that time I was very, very active. That pain seemed to persist and got to a point that whenever I tried doing anything physical I’d have to put up with that lower back pain. My answer then? A lot of hot baths, especially in the winter time using bath salts. It worked as far as relief and getting a good night’s sleep afterward. All this changed when I happened to stumble upon a website that featured a product that really changed how I perceived pain. I won’t go into great detail here, but I will go on to say that I never knew much about acupuncture or acupressure before and found that this product works through the stimulation of these points on the body. I saw this particular patch called “Icewave” which is a patch protocol for eliminating pain quickly and safely. Without need for anything to enter into the body, or to pierce the skin I decided to try it. When I received my first packet of the Icewave patches I tried them on my lower back right away placing them on the points indicated from the instruction booklet. After about one minute I did notice some reduction in the pain, but not completely. I went out into my forest later that day to do some firewood cutting, which is one of the activities that would instigate this lower back pain. The pain was much milder than usual, however still there. I later then tried moving the patches around in different positions until I noticed another placement for the sciatic nerve. I tried this placement as the instructions suggested and I could feel the pain disappear…very much like a “Wave” of relief. I have used it since that time and as doing a lot of outdoor work while wearing the patches I was feeling more like I did back in my twenties again. It is as if the energy was able to flow once more. Now, I’ve found that I no longer get this annoying lower back pain when I’m active. I haven’t need the patches on my back after using them there for a while. I do keep up with some of the other patches and protocols for those!  I would urge those who suffer from pain to try this out as it may be the difference with how much you can enjoy your life.

If you think this is something you would be interested in there is more you can read here:

To your good health!

Sowing and Reaping…..

Sowing and Reaping are never done in the same season. This is true about business building. It may take many months, even years to condition environments to be adaptable to the seed of ideas and concepts that are born. Time is the gift from the infinite to allow the seeds to grow. Ideas are seeds…..They need time, they need good environment, and they need the passion of nurture to become physical realizations. Do we give them the love they need? Do we give them all our passion to succeed? Or, do we merely press them with deadlines and limitations of the modern world? Our world today is constructed on the belief of deadlines and late fees of institutions that seem to have no knowledge or understandings of the natural process of the infinite. You can’t force the growth of a baby to birth…..You can’t force an Oak tree to spread large limbs after only a couple weeks of planting the acorn. Universal laws work within the parameters set for them, no exceptions. But what if there are exceptions? It all depends on the belief of what is being realized, would it be? What if an Oak tree could grow faster than normally? What IS considered the normal? These universal laws are seemingly guidelines of how the universe works. What if these guidelines are more flexible than first thought of? At one time the world was thought of to be flat…..Seems simple to the perspective of those in that time. You can’t see beyond the horizon, therefore if you go beyond it, you fall off into oblivion! But, what if you go beyond it and find a new world of existence…..One would have to be either a fool to try this, or very brave for the time.

The world of business is not much different than this, as it constantly challenges those with new and fresh ideas to take the leap of faith to go forth and experiment a new plan, a new marketing strategy that has never been done before, a new product with new benefits, a new paradigm that might threaten the existing one. Those who change the way of life, business, production, anything that goes against the existing belief are those with vision. Sometimes good, sometimes not so good, but they do get a vision in the form of an inspirational thought that catapults that thought into action of realization. Most times they are criticized simply because what they try to convene to the masses, are different from what they are conditioned to through multiple sources. Many times they get shot down before they even find the runway! This is important for the one with their precious new visions to cultivate their environment, their soil if you will, for the acceptance of the new seed which they are intending to plant. If they try to cultivate it to toxins for quick cheap growth, they may be successful for a limited time, but it will succumb to the consequences of those actions and yield undesirable fruits in the long run, but if it is carefully construed with positive attention and attitude toward the positive desired result, the garden from the idea may grow to heights even perhaps exceeding the desire that formed from the beginning! That is when we find out that there is really no limits to what these universal laws can do for us, when we trust them. We have to believe in them, the guidelines they are, and that they are willing to bend a little for us, but we must never forget that no matter how ultimate we may thing we are and no matter how much we think we may be superior to them, the laws of the infinite will always bring us into check! The Sowing and Reaping will always be there no matter how fast you want to have that baby…maybe a little more time or less time, but that growth is always needed to take place. That Oak tree may take a little more time than that quick growing Tamarack. The growth will always take the nurture of some kind of force.

My Friendly Neighbourhood Moose Friends!


There’s nothing quite like having a moose or group of moose in your back yard! Here in the wilds of Muskoka in Ontario it is very common to see moose and as the picture demonstrates. This little one was going for a stroll as I was driving back in my bush road one day during the spring time and was kind enough to stop for a quick photo. That doesn’t happen too often as usually they surprise people when showing themselves and are usually running or charging! I have had many instances where moose suddenly show up or present themselves only to disappear quickly after. I even work up one morning hearing the thumping sounds of one running beside the house…..What a wake up call! I have also had an experience of becoming witness to a bull moose charging a cow moose and her young, again right beside my house! They seem to like my place! If you’ve never seen a bull moose before, it is something to marvel at. Of course I didn’t have my camera at that time as I was never expecting it. The rack on the head of the bull was huge and I have never seen anything so enormous in my life yet it ran like it was so light on it’s feet – almost graceful like. At the time I standing beside one of my heavy machines when all this happened and shortly after they came into the clearing, all three moose just stopped! It was like one of those moments when you could here a pin drop. Then the bull took off into the trees making so much noise as he crashed through the branches. The other two moose took off across the field. What a time to not have a camera. Always keep an eye out for moose in the wilds! And keep your camera close too.

Too Much Snow!!








After this last spell of cold air rushing in from the arctic this past week it has been nothing but trouble for most of us here in the Great Lakes region. Although we have had heavy amounts of snow early on in the season before, this latest bout is one that just seems to last longer than most in recent memory. The heavy snow has closed more highways in this area, and over such a wide stretch. Those poor people in Buffalo are having quite a time and prayers go out to them as the temperatures warm up and rain is expected. Could these events be an effect of the active solar cycle? The sun has been very active in the last couple years and mostly this summer into early fall with amount of solar flares being blasted out. How much more active will it get? We are being sold on a result of man made carbon emissions which is nonsense and has been proven to be false but governments and some corporations want to sell a carbon tax. We should all do are own research and not just let big media decide it for us! Stay safe!

How Safe Are Cell Phones?

How safe is that cell phone that you put to your head everyday? Are you concerned about you and your family’s health with using your smart phone multiple times a day? The issue of radiation that is being emitted from a cell phone has been debated over and over of how safe it is. The fact is, all test have revealed a level of radiation coming from the phone and going directly into the user’s head and entering the brain. Some say that it’s not enough to be concerned over while others say that the long term use will have dramatic effects on the brain and how well it will function. There is also the risk radiation entering through the legs for those who keep their phone in their pocket. I myself always used to feel excessive heat on my leg while keeping my smart phone there and got to the point where I had to keep it away from me. For ladies, keeping the devices in their purse and keeping it near the shoulder may be at risk for that area of the body. There has been a solution that is very simple and not very costly. For more information on this simple yet revolutionary answer take a look here:

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Super Typhoon Destruction

I really cannot believe my eyes when I see the destruction that the “Super Typhoon” has caused in the Philippines this past week. We are all subject to the wrath of Mother Natures’s fury. I have also been reading and listening to many science reports about physics and how thought energy can have an effect on outcomes of physical objects and actions. Having noted that, what kind of energy might have influence on such a monstrous storm? Maybe it was so huge because there is a lack of calm energy in the world? Could global consciousness have prevented it or at least lessened the impact? And how may we be able to shelter ourselves more effectively for future storms rather than the matchstick wood frame square box buildings we construct? Questions that we all should start asking ourselves to come up with better solutions which can save countless lives. I have some ideas myself, and have started working on plans and models. It is a first step!

Thoughts on Energy

Energy flows through us continually….whether we are aware of it or not. We are a mass of energy that is connected to a power that we cannot see. Most of what that energy or power we can’t comprehend the benefits of which in turn can cause illness. Begin to look deep inside your own self to feel the hidden powers each one possesses to be more in business, in connecting with others and to be larger in awareness. The higher your awareness….the higher and lighter of living you will experience!